Get started

Compile the latest Firmware in your ESP32 and send the configuration using Bluetooth

1. Register on CALE and create a demo Screen

  • Add one API like Google Calendar or HTML content that have easy configuration
  • Add one Screen with some test display and render this to see your preview
  • Add also one WiFi access point (Home or office WiFi)

2. Get your Hardware gear

One E-Ink plus any ESP32. If you want to test it fast without wiring just get an E-Ink with ESP32 module like TTGO T5 to easily test it without needing to build it. You can skip this point until having one and also try it out without display just on any ESP32

3. Download and compile the Firmware

4. Connect the Android App with scanning a QR Code

Install the CALE Android App.

  • Scan the QR Code in after login User Api QR
  • Select your Screen
  • Choose the ESP32 bluetooth target and click on Send Config
At this point your E-Ink client should be connected with our CALE server. Just play around, add new sections/APIs, reset and test how it looks. In step 3 you can decide what is the refresh time.

Install the Firmware

Repository: - master branch

It's an easy configuration. The most important is uncomment the right definition for your E-Ink display model. That configuration is not sent per Bluetooth, but directly hardcoded on the Firmware, so the controller knows how to send data to the Epaper display. What is sent per Bluetooth is the following:

  1. Screen Url
  2. Bearer token
  3. WiFi credentials (up to 2)
Once the firmware receives this configuration per Bluetooth, it stores is in the non-volatil memory of the ESP32 and it does not need to be sent again unless your WiFi is changed. Please more about the configuration details in our configuring the Firmware with Bluetooth section.