Commitment of transparency

In CALE we can really claim that this website is transparently built and it treats your data with responsibility.
In a moment of history where Facebook–Cambridge Analytica story broke and we know how fishy and irresponsible some companies can be with our personal data, we have the commitment to really show how this site is built, and we claim full transparency. There is no hidden recollection of any data. The data you use and your connected APIs are neither shared with any third party at all. There is not even any tracking of the user activity on the Admin area, Facebook Graph links, Oauth logins from third party providers or cookies that track what you do. Your connected APIs are yours and you are in full control of removing them or even removing your user and anything attached to it. If you have any doubts about:

  • How is personal data being used exactly?
  • How are my passwords encoded?
  • Where are my API's configured and what data is being used to access them?

The full backend code of this website and the screen administrator backend is available here: martinberlin/cale-integrations

This is our commitment of transparency.
Any update to the site is a git pull to that repository, all what is done here, is open source and transparent to our users.

If you find any part that could put your data at risk, simply connect with us, or if you have a Github account please add an issue describing what part should be updated and we will take the time to fix it and make it better for you and all the rest. This page you are reading is stored in this directory with the name of www-built-transparently.html.twig

There is only one part that is not public in github

But it's not about corporate secrets at all. The screenshot tool is made for this project a little bit different as is documented here on our initial firmware. We installed the screenshot tool using a "Microservice" architecture so we can escalate it and to make it faster, we are not using Doctrine ORM, we are just using DBAL to make very fast queries. The nature of this and the fact that is taking care of receiving your security token and forward it to, to grant the right permissions to access your Screeens, will expose too much and put our privacy at risk. We are open to explain how it works and more documentation is on the way.