API Mashup creator for your WiFi displays

CALE is a screen administrator where you can mix the content of different APIs and control the output.

You can use it on any WiFi display like your tablet, mobile, or ultimately in a WiFi E-Paper screen that is every hour fetching new content at minimum consumption.

API integration example with Ethereum balance and Cloudwatch monitoring

800*600 pixels bitmap demo for an Epaper WiFi display

800*600 bitmap preview (4 bits por pixel). Image generated dynamically each 2 hrs CALE Android app

Our Firmware is compatible with ESP32 / ESP8266 Espressif boards and it's ready to be configured with CALE Android Application

Both the Firmware and the Android application are fully open source. Enabling you to have full control of what is going on between your application and the display controller. You can even fork it and customize it for your own project or use our working examples in your own Firmware implementation.

To sync your App to our web-service just create an account and follow this steps:

  1. Download CALE Android App
  2. Configure a test Screen, associated to an Eink display, and one WiFi access point
  3. Activate Bluetooth in your Android device and log in to CALE BACKEND
  4. Scan the QR Code you can see on User My api QR code
  5. Select the Screen you created previously, choose the ESP32 Bluetooth target, and send the configuration using Bluetooth
After the Espressif board receives his WiFi AP gets online and downloads the Screen image. It should refresh the Epaper display and go to sleep, remaining in low consumption mode, till next wake up.

At this point you have a low energy display that is connected to CALE BACKEND so you can change any part of the Screen, and in next refresh the Epaper display will read the new image.