FAQ frequent asked questions

What is the concept behind CALE ?

We designed this Web service to be a dynamic content provider for our WiFi connected displays. The idea was to make something that just does it job and stays out of the way. CALE abstracts the complexity of generating an image and at the same time provides the users with an easy way to connect to external APIs that deliver fresh content to their displays.

Why do I need a WiFi display when I can already have this content on a Tablet ?

  • Our idea of a helper Screen or a Meeting room sign is that it can be there all the time working for weeks and you don't have to maintain it other than charging the battery once in a month.
  • It just does it job and needs no maintenance.
  • Epaper has a different look and feel than a TFT Screen and it blends nicely with the building, uses minimal power, and it's a beautiful object to see working.
It's a completely different concept than having a tablet or other device showing the same content. And connected to our Web service, you can administer this remotely, changing what the display shows at your wish.

Can I use the Web service without a WiFi display ?

Yes for sure! We just provide the Web service to generate this in an easy way. But you can use the HTML or the image output as you wish. The image format can be a Bitmap (EInk) or a Jpeg (TFT displays)

Can you build an Epaper display for us ?

Yes we can. But we are still on the making of a new PCB that will be the core of our Eink ESP32 displays. So we can provide two important things. First our know-how, that is documented and with parts that prove to work together. And secondly to guide you in constructing one yourself. Exceptionally we can build one for you, but we still do not have a price list for that, and if we spend this time building a device at your demand we ask you to support the project as a Github sponsor with 10 u$ a month for at least half a year. Additionally there is also the costs of your Hardware of choice that we can buy and assemble for you. Our time is valuable and we need supporters that allow us spend more time focused in this project.
After creating an account just get in touch with us using the menu option User Get Support

What is easiest Epaper display to start with ?

We highly recommend to start using a TTGO T5S since it's a very nice ESP32 board with a low consumption of 0.18 mA/hour in deepsleep mode that can be running quite long with a 1000mA 3.7 volts Lion battery.
We also 3D modeled a housing for it that is available in Thingiverse as STL ready to downloaded and 3D printed. There you can also order a 3D print of this piece and if you register and start using CALE we can also print it for you. You just have to pay the shipping costs to receive the case.
To claim this offer, just create a Screen, and connect some API adding it in Screen Content partials.
Then just contact us using the User Get Support and tell us that you want a "T5S Case". This offer is valid until we run out of the black PLA that we have bought with this mission.