API Integrations supported

This is a list generated from our database with the APIs that are currently integrated and ready to use in our system as soon as they are configured with your authorization keys.

API Name Category Docs Authentication
 Google Calendar Calendar Oauth
 Timetree shared Calendar Calendar Personal access token
 Darksky [DISABLED - Do not use] Weather Authorization code
 CALE iCal API Calendar Username and Password
 CALE HTML editor Development & IT Internal: No Auth needed
 Amazon Cloudwatch monitoring Development & IT API Cloudwatch monitoring
 OpenWeather Weather API Key
 Image gallery Photo & Video Internal: No Auth needed
 Etherscan.io Cryptocurrency API Key
 CALE Crypto candlestick charts Cryptocurrency Internal: No Auth needed

The data provider for the candlestick Open / High / Low / Close pricing is provided by www.cryptodatadownload.com
If the application programming interface you want to use is not listed here, please send us a message on twitter mentioning @martinfasani or after logging into our Backend simply use User Get support
New APIs will be implemented per voting request in a Github issue. If you need an API for your business I would kindly ask you first to make a donation to cover partly the implementation costs. Your company will be listed and linked as the promoter for the new API integration but the condition is that it will be open source for all the rest of the users.
Now if the API needs to be used only by you as an internal API please request a custom proposal to install CALE internally in your company.