Our ESP32-C3 epaper w/touch controller

The goal of the C3 epaper controller with touch is to provide WiFi, BLE, and Touch plus RTC connected via I2C. The epaper connector is prepared with a 24 pin standard connector and has all the external "boost voltage" helper that is needed to make this SPI epapers work. Already in it's second revision the C3 controller has been already sold a couple of times on our Lectronz store and it's powering some home switches already.

It's sold with a 2.7" epaper but you can actually test any 24 pin FPC epapers with this C3 controller. This is because it comes with a "RESE switch" so you can use select 3Ω or 0.47Ω setting that generate different high voltages and adapt to any epapers (Older & newer)

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What is it?

The ESP32-C3 2.7-inch Touch Wall Switch Demo Kit, is the latest product from Fasani Corp that will revolutionize your home automation experience!

With its cutting-edge ESP32C3 chip and GOOD DISPLAY's hot-selling 2.7-inch electronic paper display with touch screen GDEY027T91-T01, this kit allows you to easily control various devices in your home. Equipped with a stable and reliable 220AC2DC module and Grove I2C connectors, you can connect I2C sensors for more intelligent functions. The 4-layer PCB design ensures stable signal transmission, making it more durable and reliable. This demo kit supports RESE switches, which allows you to freely choose different types of electronic ink screens and achieve more customized features.

3D views in PCBnew (KiCAD)

It also includes the PCF8563 RTC real-time clock module, with a 10-minute capacitor backup power supply to ensure that the clock never fails due to short power outages. Get this kit today and make your home smarter, more convenient, and efficient! Rev 1.2 offers an additional I2C Grove connector (Compatible with Seeed sensors)

Features offered:

  • WiFi
  • BLE. Important point: BLE, not Bluetooth classic (Only ESP32 has BT-classic)
  • PCF8563 real time clock
  • Low consumption controller for 24 FPC epaper displays (No LEDs, no additional consuming devices)
  • 6 FPC touch connector already routed to I2C in the C3 (SDA: IO5 SCL: IO4) with pull-ups already in place
  • Size ready to comb the epaper display and place it safely in the other side with some double sided tape
  • USB to UART chip CP2102N (QFN28) with USB-C interface
  • 3 Output IOs to control external devices: IO1, IO2 and IO3.
    Note that IO2 is connected internally to the RTC Interrupt pin, so don't use it, if you use the RTC tick for something else.
What is great of having an RTC on board is that you can reduce consumption making your Firmware sleep all night in case it's a display and does not need to get updated when no-one is in the office. Having an RTC on board, that is independant of the MCU, facilitates the possibility to be aware of day of the week, month, year and precise time every time you want. And also to have a precise INT that goes signaling LOW, every second, every minute or period of time you want.
C3 view on the back-side of the switch
ON / OFF demo
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Coming soon!

220 AC to 3.3DC adapter w/ Latch relay (ON/OFF for the lamp)

It's already designed and tested we just need more orders to send it to production. Check old first 1.0 release in action at home: