epdiy parallel epaper controller

What is it?

epdiy is a driver board which talks to affordable E-Paper (or E-Ink) screens, which are usually sold as replacement screens for E-Book readers.

Epapers that supports epdiy v7 controller

This kind of displays use some FETs that are need high voltages to open the Gate and let pass the +15 and -15 Volts that are used to let the Eink float up or down. Make sure to read the Datasheet and that the VGH (-22 V in this EPD) and VGL (+20 Volt) are matching the voltages given in this PCB. If you cannot find the datasheet please ask or use only the tested models specified in the readme page of the epdiy project. Theoretically all parallel epapers have the same working principle but the detail is that epdiy uses open-source timing waveforms. And not models will get along with that perfectly well. The FPC connectors on board:
  • ED133UT2 13.3", 8 bit, 1600 x 1200
  • 33 pin connector: 9.7", 8 bit, 1200 x 825
  • 40 pin connector: Eink.com / Waveshare / en.wf-tech.com and others, 16 bit, different resolutions.
  • Not all models are supported "out of the Firmware". You need to add configurations, in displays.c, for different resolutions not all come pre-configured.

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KiCAD main Cu. Layer

What you can make with epdiy v7

  • Digital signaling with fast and industry standard epapers
  • Custom e-book readers
  • Industrial IOT devices to read sensors and display information
  • Fast refresh applications far beyond of what SPI epapers can reach
  • Professional looking photo-frames
  • Support for full color filter epapers (CFA)

Features offered:

  • WiFi
  • BLE. Important point: BLE, not Bluetooth classic (Only ESP32 has BT-classic)
  • 8 MB PSRAM
  • PCF8563 Real-Time-Clock
  • Professional epaper high voltage PMIC: TPS65185
  • USB to UART chip CH340 with USB-C interface
  • 3 different connectors supporting many parallel epaper displays
  • Many GPIO Outputs to control external devices: Just check the schematics!
It also includes the PCF8563 RTC real-time clock module, that will enable your Firmware to sleep at night, make a clock or simply update the display every hour precisely at the time you want. Get this kit today and make your epaper kits, more convenient, and efficient!
Dimensions 55x100mm

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Test with a CFA color display (DES)
Test with 40 pin parallel epaper with color filter (CFA)

3D-printed enclosure for 10.1 inch display
Enclosure 3D-model design: Available per request

Buy the epdiy controller in our Tindie store

PCB hardware open-source design: Valentin Roland
PCB fabrication: Fasani Corp.