API Integrations supported

This is a list generated from our database with the APIs that are currently integrated and ready to use in our system as soon as they are configured with your authorization keys.

API Name Category Documentation Authentication method
 Google Calendar Calendar Oauth
 Timetree shared Calendar Calendar Personal access token
 Darksky weather forecasts Weather Authorization code
 CALE iCal API Calendar Username and Password
 CALE HTML editor Development & IT
 Amazon Cloudwatch monitoring Development & IT AWS Cloudwatch monitoring
 Github issues Development & IT In development

UPDATE: We recently added Internet Calendaring (iCal) support as an internal API you can use to import your events from any external provider.

If the application programming interface you want to use is not listed here, please send un a public message on twitter mentioning @martinfasani on it, or to add it to the fast track you can directly add a Github Issue in CALE public repository where the code to render this lines is coming.