Get started

We are working in a easy way to setup your E-Ink directly with Bluetooth

But in this early stage is not yet ready to be delivered since we need more time to test it and make it user friendly. It will be available in April/May 2020.

1. Register on CALE and create a demo Screen

Add one API like Google Calendar or Timetree that have easy configuration. Add one Screen with some test display and render this to see your preview. In Screen config you can easily copy the two lines that are needed for point 3.

2. Get your Hardware gear

One E-Ink plus any ESP32. If you want to test it fast without wiring just get an E-Ink with ESP32 module like TTGO T5 to easily test it without needing to build it.

3. Download and compile the Firmware

Configuration and compiling are explained here. Here you can add in the Firmware config the two lines that reference your Screen from point 1.

4. Run CALE

At this point your E-Ink client should be connected with our CALE server. Just play around, add new sections/APIs, reset and test how it looks. In step 3 you can decide what is the refresh

Configuring WiFi over Bluetooth

When we have ready made CALE fully build E-Inks the idea is to make your life easier configuring this. You will get a model with an easy one page instruction manual that explains you how to set this up yourself. The idea is to make it configurable using an Android Application

There is a branch ready to be tested in CALE Repository - cale_ble branch

Please more about this in our configuring the Firmware with Bluetooth section.