Epaper display from Waveshare: ED078kc2 Raw 7.8 parallel epaper


Refresh time:
Active size:
Shades of gray:
Cale-idf classname:


500 Millis
158.184mm × 118.638mm


This is an E-Ink raw display, 7.8inch, 1872×1404 resolution, communicating via parallel port, supports partial refresh. Cale-idf does not support this display but it is supported be Lovyan GFX. For a JPG render example please check this demo: jpg-render-it8951.cpp

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Please check our Arduino esp32 C++ Firmware for Epaper to use the image provided with CALE in your ESP32 SPI display. If you want to build a custom Firmware using Espressif IDF own framework we highly recommend to check our project Cale-Idf.