Epaper display from Waveshare: 7.5" HD


Refresh time:
Active size:
Shades of gray:
Cale-idf classname:


2000 Millis
163*98 mm


This epaper took some trial and error to get it running since the Waveshare demo file did not have the right SPI commands. Only the black version is implemented but it won’t be hard to get the red/black working. It has a very nice resolution, costs almost the same as the V2 version 800*480, having 10% more resolution. Fonts render very nice using Adafruit GFX and our class.

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Please check our Arduino esp32 C++ Firmware for Epaper to use the image provided with CALE in your ESP32 SPI display. If you want to build a custom Firmware using Espressif IDF own framework we highly recommend to check our project Cale-Idf.