Epaper display from Radionica: Inkplate 6


Refresh time:
Active size:
Shades of gray:
Cale-idf classname:


650 Millis



Inkplate is a project that refurbishes Kindle screens with an ESP32 and a lot of extra goodies. We like it very much. Sadly, the black is not "as black" as in other Goodisplay models, but the refresh speed is awesome and we think the parallel communication protocol with fast refresh is where all future epaper technology is heading. We do not support this epapers in Cale-idf but there is an Inkplate-platformio implementation ready to be compiled in this display.

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Please check our Arduino esp32 C++ Firmware for Epaper to use the image provided with CALE in your ESP32 SPI display. If you want to build a custom Firmware using Espressif IDF own framework we highly recommend to check our project Cale-Idf.