Epaper display from Good Display: 5.83" B/W B/R/W or 7 Color


Refresh time:
Active size:
Shades of gray:
Cale-idf classname:


3500 Millis


Supported in our component with the classname gdew0583t7.h (monochrome version). Color models also supported in our ESP-IDF component Cale-idf.
  • gdew0583z21.h check more details and sample code in our repository wiki.
  • wave5i7color.h use this display also for the 600x448 pixels 7 color epaper from Waveshare (5.65 ")
  • 3D model housing idea to build a case for this epaper display. Preview the 3D model and read more details directly in the Thingiverse website.

Purchase link

Please check our Arduino esp32 C++ Firmware for Epaper to use the image provided with CALE in your ESP32 SPI display. If you want to build a custom Firmware using Espressif IDF own framework we highly recommend to check our project Cale-Idf.