Epaper display from GOODISPLAY: GDEW101C01 10.1 inch e-paper display DES full color large


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600 Millis


2232x1680 nice and big 10.1" epaper with Color filter on top. Amazing technology and panel but hard to drive with EPDiy V7 board. Sending the huge 1.8Mb buffer takes about 2.2 seconds at full speed. https://reinkstone.com has built an epaper color tablet with this model. But they use a multi-core Linux and is of course faster than what I've tried.

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Please check our Arduino esp32 C++ Firmware for Epaper to use the image provided with CALE in your ESP32 SPI display. If you want to build a custom Firmware using Espressif IDF own framework we highly recommend to check our project Cale-Idf.