Displays demo

Demonstración de rendering

This are renderings generated using CALE engine for different displays.

Using the image gallery component

The image gallery internal API is ideal to use for a photo frame. Each gallery let's you upload up to 10 Mb. of images and on each request the display renders the next one. The render is cached for 30 mins. so if you visit this page later you will see the next image.
800x480 Epaper 2 to 6 colors 4 bits Bitmap (BMP) using dithering mode: Checks

800x480 Epaper 1 bit simulated grayscales using dithering mode: 2x2
800x480 TFT fullcolor 24 bits JPG

Smaller displays

Using smaller displays is also possible though we recommend using at least 4.2 inches (400x300). With smaller epapers also works but the possibility of rendering something is reduced. This is because we are taking a screenshot of HTML using bootstrap 4 which renders quite good for devices too, but not super small ones, like those with screens that are smaller than 4 inches.
400x300 Epaper 4 bits rendering our ETH wallet using Etherscan

Inkplate 6

800x600 Inkplate 6 ESP32 eink screen showing a OpenWeather API for New York and Berlin

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