CALE collaboration agreement with Good-Display

Good Display is one of leading manufacturer of electronic paper displays in China. Fasani Corp. is the company behind website and also the maintainer of CalEPD and Touch components that work with most of Good-Display SPI epapers. Founded in 2020, on a cold German winter, CALE is service to deliver great quality Bitmaps or JPGs to your displays. That can connect to APIs like Google Calendar, Weather apps, and also internal Galleries that are hosted in our Amazon Web Servers in Frankturt am Main, Germany.
Martin Fasani also is a collaborator of EPDiy which is a very complex hardware and software project to control parallel epapers using ESP32 and ESP32-S3 in it's newest V7 model.
Is in this context, that Fasani Corporation and Good Display, collaborate in order to promote the use of epaper displays to a wider audience. But also to build great hardware and open source software, so everyone in the community can benefit from it, and build great Firmware using the best Hardware available in the market.
We also stand for custom works, displays that show weather information using 4 grays, or 3 & 4 colors. That are both low consumption, but also can be connected 24/7 to a plug, and deliver every minute updated information about anything. Remote image URLs, Bluetooth and any protocol that Espressif offers in their MCU workhorses.


GOOD-DISPLAY our Chinese Hardware partners.

Cale-idf is where our development of both the SPI epaper component and the touch part is developed. There you can find many different examples on how to use it and a extensive epaper technical WiKi where we explain many implementation details.

CalEPD is the epaper library which is ready to be added as an ESP-IDF component.

FT6X36-IDF is the touch library, that is ready to be added as an ESP-IDF component, to your project.