Epaper display von LILYGO: T5-4.7 inch E-paper ED047TC1


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400 Millisekunden
103*58 mm


Supported in our ESP-IDF component Cale-idf via EPDiy component, this super fast HD parallel epaper module with 16 levels of gray, has a ESP32 V3 version 16MB FLASH 8MB and is a great module to build IoT gadgets:

Please note that this epaper is not supported in our arduino-esp32 Firmware (github.com/martinberlin/eink-calendar) since it's a parallel eink. There are 3 different choices to drive it with ESP32:
  1. Using Cale-idf (ESP-IDF Framework only) Class name: parallel/ED047TC1.h
  2. Using EPDiy: github.com/vroland/epdiy
    This component works great and has both ESP-IDF and Arduino-esp32 support. We collaborated also with this repository adding software rotation.
  3. Using original Lilygo EPD47 Repository. This option will also work specially if you are using Arduino IDE but is not recommended, since it uses an old version of EPDiy library, that has no software rotation and features missing. But it can be used as a starting point to test your display.

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Wir empfehlen unsere projekt Cale-Idf für custom epaper Firmware zu bauen.