Epaper display von Good Display: 7.5" B B/R B/Y


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Higher resolution(800x480) than GDEW075T8(640x384) this epaper IC Driver is UC8179 and is supported by Cale-idf.
  • gdew075T7.h has a very nice size and resolution. Note that we still do not support grayscales for this epapers in our component.
  • Invisible calendar

    The invisible calendar is a beautiful e-paper screen that syncs with your Google account and displays your Google calendar. The hand-finished wooden frame looks good on the wall and on the desk. You can purchase it in the referenced shop clicking on the image above.
    Size: 6.3 in x 8.6 in / 16 cm x 22 cm

  • Here there is a proposed 3D model housing for this epaper display
Our housing design is a custom back case to use along the front case of Waveshare, that comes with 12 magnets, but is very thin. This redesign aims to make place to host as many things you want including:
  • 5000 mA Lion battery
  • TinyPICO esp32
  • 12*12 mm square push button (Reset)
  • USB hole
This epaper is sold by Goodisplay and also by Waveshare, same epaper and features, same controller.

IMPORTANT For Wavshare v2 labeled displays please use this Class:


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Wir empfehlen unsere projekt Cale-Idf für custom epaper Firmware zu bauen.